Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Beginnings..old Mistakes?

As my daughter gives me the good news, she has a new job...I'm troubled by the fact her two older brothers do not.

Monday, April 4, 2011


From time to time, I am haunted,  by the darker parts of my past life.  I do not wish I had done things differently, for that is what made me the man I am.  I only wish my choices would not have had consequences for the others in my life.  They may not have realized they had a choice to plan their own paths.

My life is what it is.  The "Butterfly Effect", dictates it also affected the life of others.  I do not apologize, I only explain. The "Butterfly Effect" also makes them who they are.  Fate can only begin to explain their lives.

I believe the hand of God guides this world, but probably not in the way you believe.  I do not pray.  I have pity for those that do.  God empowered us to mold our fate.  I see no reason to throw that power away.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shadow Blog

Super Moon March 2011
I've started this shadow blog, for my true fans.  This blog will have a darker view of my life, the not so positive view.  It will be shorter more BOLD observations of my view of life.  It will also feature more photographs, some more of my experimental stuff.  I would encourage visitors to comment and give honest feedback.  This blog will also feature blunt opinions on politics, religion and word events.  This will be the opinions of the other John (Johnny).

If you are easily offended, this blog is not for you.  If you found this blog, you did because you searched for it.  If you stay it is because you chose to participate. I will, not be offended by anything you say in feedback.  I'm sure I will offend you at times.  I hope you will stay for the ride

This is day one of the blog...obliviously it's under "New Construction"....feel free to return.